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1.2 Overview of RedLining Manager

Redlining Manager stands at the forefront of contract lifecycle management, leveraging the power of Salesforce CRM and Nintex DocGen for Salesforce. This comprehensive solution transforms the way organizations manage contracts, offering a wealth of features:

  • Streamlined Contract Creation: Redlining Manager simplifies contract generation by seamlessly pulling information from Salesforce Opportunities, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.

  • End-to-End Contract Management: Redlining Manager oversees every facet of the contract lifecycle. From collaborative redlining in Microsoft Word to approvals from diverse stakeholder teams within your organization, it ensures a smooth, organized process.

  • Version Control: Maintain a clear and organized record of all contract versions, making it effortless to track changes and maintain compliance.

  • Seamless Salesforce Integration: Redlining Manager ensures that any changes made to contracts, accounts, or opportunities are automatically updated within your Salesforce CRM. This integration streamlines your workflow and keeps all essential data in sync.

Elevate your contract management to new heights with Redlining Manager by Kemisoft, where efficiency meets precision.

1.3 Purpose of this Documentation

The product documentation for Redlining Manager serves as a vital resource to help users maximize the potential of this powerful contract lifecycle management solution.

It offers clear and concise guidance on the software’s features and functionalities, ensuring users can effectively streamline their contract management processes, collaborate seamlessly, and harness the full capabilities of Redlining Manager.

This documentation aims to empower users with the knowledge and tools they need to enhance their contract management practices and fully leverage the integration with Salesforce CRM.

Ultimately, it serves as a valuable reference to enhance productivity, efficiency, and compliance within organizations using Redlining Manager.

1.4 Suggested Use Cases

Kemisoft’s Redlining Manager is a versatile contract lifecycle management solution with a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are potential use cases in key sectors:


Manufacturing – Streamlining Supplier Contracts:
Manufacturers can use Redlining Manager to efficiently manage supplier contracts, ensuring accurate agreements, timely deliveries, and cost-effectiveness.


Telecommunication –┬áService Level Agreements (SLAs):
Telecommunication companies can utilize Redlining Manager to draft and manage SLAs with clients and vendors, ensuring service quality and compliance.


Financial Services –┬áRegulatory Compliance:
Redlining Manager aids financial institutions in maintaining compliance by tracking and managing changes to legal and regulatory contracts.


HealthCare Services –┬áMedical Vendor Agreements:
Healthcare organizations can employ Redlining Manager for contracts with medical equipment suppliers, helping to ensure timely procurement and adherence to budget constraints.

Real Estate

Real Estate – Property Leases:
Real estate firms can use Redlining Manager to streamline the negotiation and approval of property lease agreements, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Sales (3)

Sales – Customer Contracts:
Sales teams benefit from Redlining Manager when creating and managing customer contracts, streamlining the sales process and improving customer relations.

In each of these industries, Redlining Manager offers an adaptable solution that simplifies contract management, accelerates the approval process, enhances collaboration, and ensures version control. Its seamless integration with Salesforce CRM adds an extra layer of functionality and value. Whether it’s managing vendor agreements, customer contracts, or regulatory compliance, Redlining Manager provides an efficient and reliable approach for organizations in these diverse sectors.

1.5 Document Conventions

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2. Installation & Setup

2.1 Pre-Installation Settings

Before you can install the Redlining Manager package, you must enable Salesforce CRM content in your organization. Ensure this setting is enabled before installing the Redlining Manager as it impacts migration.

In order to enable this setting, please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to Salesforce.com
  2. Go to Setup > Customize > Salesforce Files > Settings > Salesforce CRM Content and click Edit.
  3. Select the Enable Salesforce CRM Content checkbox.
  4. Click Save. Salesforce CRM Content is now enabled. You can now install the Redlining Manager package.
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